Due to lack of space in the current library certain collections have been eliminated or are significantly smaller than they could be.

When the library was built in 1964, our population was only 8,000. It is now over 35,000 in greater Moses Lake.

Over 20,000 items were checked out from the library during month of July 2009 alone!

Library use has increased 80% over 2008!

The current library was built LONG before the computer age. It was not designed to supply power and network connections for computers.These factors can be addressed during the remodel and addition to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

The Moses Lake Public Library is architecturally unique, featuring a hyperbolic paraboloid roof and basalt rock walls. It is a highly visible part of the five corners and is located in a beautiful park setting.

School libraries are only open during school hours. The public library is where many of our students go to do their research or homework. Unfortunately, lack of space for computers and book collections limits what the library can currently offer. A new facility would include much needed space for collections, computers, study rooms for small and large groups, as well as an area designed specifically for teens and young adults.

The current library is approximately 10,000 square feet. Estimates point toward the need for a 30,000 square foot building for a community the size the Moses Lake Public Library serves now. This means we need to add approximately 20,000 square feet.

Due to lack of space almost every event for adults or kids has to be held in the main part of the facility where everything can be heard throughout the library. Additional space is needed to allow for programs and group meetings can take place without disrupting others wishing to use the library.