Shelving Project

The foundation is seeking donations to help replace the library old, worn out, and inadequate shelving.

The library’s current shelving was built-in when the library opened in 1965.  Formats such as DVDs and CDs didn’t exist in 1964 so the library has worked creatively. What has been used for additional space is low cost and low quality.  The original shelves are laminated wood, which is wearing, breaking, and doesn’t meet modern seismic requirements for library shelving requiring the insertion of long bolts.  The bolts won’t allow the shelves to be adjusted.
They didn't have DVDs or CDs when the library was built in 1964 so the library has been creative.What has been used for additional space is low cost and low quality.Bolts were added to meet seismic requirements.  The shelves were made with laminated plywood which is wearing and breaking .

New steel shelves will be interchangeable, come in a variety of shapes and styles to meet the needs of modern formats, and will meet seismic requirements.  Some of the new shelves will be mobile so that the library can optimize its currently very limited space.
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The initial estimate for replacing all of the shelving is $130,000.  Thank you for your support!  With everyone’s help we can get this done!!

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